So many prints to choose from...

Luckily, whoever you choose as your muse, and whatever print you want to use, the process is the same.

Just pop along to our Silver Print Jewellery page to choose the style of jewellery and get the print to us. We will do the rest...

Palm Prints (Miniaturised HandPrints)

Put those hands to good use - handprints look absolutely fantastic on our fine silver jewellery.

A hand can never be too big or too small to be used to make you something precious.

See our 'How to take the perfect print' tips or book an appointment to come and see us at the studio.

Footsteps (Miniaturised FootPrints)

You can also have 'fun with feet'...honestly! Why stick to just the hands when you can have the full set! Capture those moments forever and have a little fun in the process.

Footprints are fascinating; tiny ones and great big stinky ones.

Our Footsteps range look great capturing a baby's tiny delicate foot print or Daddy's not so delicate one.

At A Step Back In Time we believe the best thing about them is that we can turn them into exquisite pieces of bespoke jewellery you will treasure forever.

The first step (pardon the pun) is to procure the print you would like to use, visit our 'How to take a perfect print' section or book an appointment to visit us at the studio.

Padding Paws (Miniaturised Paw Prints)

If, like us, you are an animal lover then Padding Paws are for you - we think it is a great way to cherish your furry friend and to show your love of animals.

We would need a print from your canine companion; you could bring him or her to the studio by appointment or you could take a print at home, simply visit our 'How to take a perfect print' section to find out how.

Swirls and Whorls (Fingerprints)

Fingerprinting has been used as a form of identification since it was realised that the whorls of the finger tips are as individual as you and I.

We present our fingerprints in one of two ways. The first is a bit more unique in that we can increase the size of the print to really make the ridges stand out, sometimes we keep it just as it is. Sometimes we cover a piece in it or just partially.

There is also the classic way of taking the shape of the finger and it's print to make an indentation.

Collection of prints couldn't be more simple, check out our 'How to take the perfect print' section.

Babies fingerprints don't show perfect ridges until they are around two years old. We would recommend a hand or foot print for children under two years old (but do have a look at your child's fingers)

Mwah Mwahs (Kiss Prints)

Why not seal your kiss forever to give to a loved one?

We are sure you have heard of the phrase 'sealed with a loving kiss'? Well, here at A Step Back In Time we can create you a superb piece of 999 silver jewellery that quite literally has your kiss print sealed into it.

So put on your boldest lipstick, pucker up and kiss away. For details on taking the perfect print see our 'How to take the perfect print' section.

Mwah Mwahs are always a favourite for Valentine's Day, Anniversaries and Weddings and they are a lovely way to show a special someone your feelings for them.

Budding Banksy (Miniaturised Drawings and Writing)

We all know that our children are creative geniuses and their artwork means the world to us, whether it's their first doodle or a masterpiece brought home from school.

If you can send us or email us a copy of your drawing or writing (at we can take it from there. We can then shoot it with a miniaturising ray gun, trap it on a piece of fine silver jewellery using a secret spell and then sprinkle it with fairy dust - well, that's what you can tell the children anyway.

Let them create something they will be proud of to grace your bespoke piece of jewellery.

A beautiful reminder of your Budding Banksy every day (and no walls get damaged in the process).

The Smoosh

For all of you cat and dog lovers out there, here is something inspired by our beautiful dog Pansy. Well, her and her little mushroom Pug nose.

We were Veterinary Nurses for many years and spent a lot of time around cats and dogs and around their noses. Did you know, a dog's nose is as individual as your own fingerprint and in some countries they use a nose print as a means of identification.

We can capture all of the beautiful and individual features of your cat or dog's nose and hand-craft a replica in fine silver. You can have this as a piece of jewellery for you or for their own collar or for an item such as a book mark.

The process is very simple and would require you or us to press their beautiful hooters into some soft putty. Then leave the rest to us so we can create something really beautiful.