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When we say 'we' or 'us' we mean Lisa and Lewis Mills of A Step Back In Time and when we say 'you', we mean you looking at this screen.

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We regret that we cannot post kits or finished products to a PO Box.

We also reserve the right to decline an order.

Please make sure you thoroughly check any order you place. Please pay particular attention to drop-down menus and any options to personalise an item further. We cannot be held responsible for misspelt words (we will use what you have given us) or dates.

Please note our work is bespoke, for this reason, no two pieces are the same. Your prints will not look like someone else's or like any on this website. Please make sure you are 100% happy with any prints you procure for our use, this includes those on paper and those in putty.

You may cancel your order of putty kits or inkless wipes before they are posted for a full refund. If the kits have been sent, we will await their being returned to us in the same condition in which they were sent for a refund (minus the cost of postage). The cost of sending the kits back will be yours.

Once we have your prints/kits here then work begins immediately, for that reason once we have your prints (and we will acknowledge that when they arrive) we cannot cancel an order as work will have begun.

We cannot take responsibility for lost prints (paper or putty) before they have reached us. We will contact you to let you know when a print has arrived with us. Should you not have heard within an appropriate length of time, please do contact us.

Our 'Smoosh' range (silver noses) are shown with examples of breeds that we categorize as Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The sizes determine the amount of silver we have to use so our decision is final as to which category your pet fits into. Please call if you are unsure. We can always alter the piece to use less silver if the mould is of a larger dog than paid for.

Please also note that each of our pieces and life casts are hand-made and display characteristics of their handcrafted nature. There will be tiny imperfections as per any non mass-produced product.

As per the law we send any silver pieces weighing more than 7.78g off for Hallmarking to the London office where we have our own sponsors mark. This will add on additional 10 days (minimum) to any order. This will also incur a further fee should it not be expressly stated that the Hallmarking is included. Should your piece weigh under 7.78g and you would still like it to be Hallmarked, we can arrange this for a fee.

Our address is 1 Herongate Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, EN8 0TU