Smooshes! (Dog Noses)

It turns out those beautiful noses are not just adorable and functional, there is so much more to them!

Did you know that your dog has a completely unique nose, no other dog will have the same nose as your dog's. Your dog has ridges that are completely his or her own.

Because of this uniqueness your dogs nose can be used as a means of identification.

We take full advantage of this individuality and create gorgeous keepsakes using the detail found on your dog's nose.

We can use the whole print and form an indentation which we then use to create a 3D version of your dog's nose in various materials;

* Casting Plaster - in various finishes

* Cold Cast Metal - including Aluminium, Brass and Bronze

* Resin - in various colours

* Faux Glass Resin - in various colours

* Solid Silver

* Copper

We can also use a flat nose print from a piece of white paper to make a gorgeous piece of solid silver jewellery!

We create all of the above alongside our Paw Print Jewellery which we create in solid silver. We use your pet's paw print to make shiny wearable jewellery so you always have your faithful companion with you.

You can email us, call us on 01992 465472 or message us through our social media.

We are so looking forward to hearing all about your dog and making you something very special.

Lisa Marie x

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