A Step Back In Time and Covid-19

Three months into lockdown here in the UK, and having learned to get three cups out of tea out of a teabag and having become a teacher to our ten year old, I thought it was about time to write a blog post and address business during and afterCovid-19. So here it is in all it's glory.

I am sorry the website is still unfinished. I started to work towards a shiny new site a few weeks previous to lockdown but then reality hit. The reality that a huge chunk of my business involves being close to people which I now couldn't do. So a massive thank you to you all for your support during a difficult time for us all.

I love meeting my clients and their pets/family and/or children. The idea of not being able to do that led me to believe I would have to close my business indefinitely. So close it I did.

I was able to keep the Etsy shop open but everything else had to be suspended. Even the Etsy shop was affected as sending putty kits in the early days proved problematic.

But now positivity is ruling again and as our little boy settles into his new routine of learning at home, I can see a light ahead for my business.

I am back to editing the website again today so prices will be added where they were missing before. I will get to putting the long-awaited photographs on the site and I will be updating anything out of date.

With regards to silver print jewellery, we are still receiving orders through Facebook, Instagram and through our website https://www.astepbackintime.co.uk/etsy-shop

You can scan over your prints as usual or you can post them to us, we are happy with either of those methods.

We can still send out putty kits for finger indentations.

We can also send out putty kits for dog and cat noses.

So the jewellery side of A Step Back In Time remains relatively unchanged.

The casting side of A Step Back In Time has had to change.

Our business requires us to be too close to our clients to be able to carry on as normal.

We have now introduced our DISTANCE CASTING which means that we can still make memories together but in a slightly different way.

We have found the best method for us to cast the feet and/or hands of a baby under the age of I year is for you to take the mould at home then let us do the rest.

Our supplier will send you the moulding material, you follow the written instructions and video and capture the moulds. You then drop them to us on the same day for us to cast, finish, dry, paint and wax and then frame as usual.

This has been working beautifully so far so I really look forward to seeing the moulds as they come back to us.

For older babies and adult hand castings, you would collect the equipment from us and return the moulds once taken for us to weave our magic again.

We are looking forward to a time where we can take moulds and cast beautiful pieces of art but for now we have to take these steps to keep the vulnerable safe. We know you appreciate us adhering to the rules as we all pull together as a community.

Wishing you all the very best, stay safe and healthy and if you have any questions or ideas just let us know.

Lisa Marie xxx

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