What is love?

Hello all, it's been a while...no, that's a fib, it's been ages since I last put a blog on here. And there really is no excuse, I am sure we have all been busy so that just won't do.

Happy Valentine's Day for Thursday gone to you all, I hope you felt loved all day long. I hope you feel loved all the time too!

I cooked for my gorgeous husband (not these cookies though) and he sat with me while we saw my favourite film 'The English Patient'. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched that film and cried and smiled, last night was no different.

For those of you who have seen it hang on in there, for those of you who haven't, it is a film predominantly about love and all it's forms.

Close to the beginning of the film Kristin Scott Thomas laughs at Ralph Fiennes because he doesn't use adjectives. His point is that 'a thing is still a thing no matter what you place before it' and he uses cars as an example; a fast car, a chauffeur driven car etc.

She then points out the different types of love; platonic, filial, romantic and it is around these types of love that the film centres.

And it got me thinking while I was working this morning about all the different kinds of love that I come across working as a Life Caster and Fingerprint Jeweller.

Each and every one of the lovely people I meet have a story to tell and I adore hearing them.

I have Mums who come along with their newborn baby. They have tales to tell of meeting their partners, how they fell in love and their plans for the future.

Sometimes Mum brings her Mum and I learn about her relationship with her daughter, her grandchild and often her partner and how they met.

When Dad comes along I learn about his relationship with his parents, his parter and his child.

Couples visit for jewellery and/or hand castings and I learn about their romance and what their plans are together. I learn about their chlidren and sometimes their grandchildren.

I get dog owners whose dogs are their children or a huge part of their family and I learn about their lives and how that beautiful pet makes a difference to every single day.

I meet people on-line only, those who post me prints of fingers, hands and feet and I find out about them. There are stories of joy and happiness and those tainted with the sadness of loss.

I feel overwhelmingly lucky to be asked to make the pieces of jewellery I do and cast the people I do. I am so grateful for your trust and confidence in me.

I hope to be able to listen to your stories for many years to come and to make keepsakes that will take you back in time to this moment n time, right now.

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