Body Casting for Everyone!

It is a beautiful Monday morning as I write this.

The radio is on and there has been a wonderful string of songs to sing along to.

The birds are chirping outside and the garden is awash with colour.

I feel lucky for all the beauty around me.

I cast Leon's feet again yesterday. I like to cast them regularly to keep an eye on how they are growing. One minute he has tiny baby feet and the next he has these long elegant feet that will carry him to whatever he wants to become.

I am looking forward to getting them framed and on the wall.

We are so lucky to do what we do. It is an honour being able to handmake a gorgeous keepsake for people of people and pets that they love.

We don't only cast babies here at the studio.

We also cast pets. Dogs paws make beautiful pieces of art and celebrate the bond between man and dog. We also offer a memorial service and can visit you or your veterinary surgery (if the surgery allows) to cast your pet's paw(s). We both trained and practiced as Veterinary Nurses so know the pain a loss of a pet brings.

We also cast children and grownups too...

We can make all kinds of casts with all sorts of poses.

We have sports people come to us to have their hands and feet cast, boxers have their punch casts and footballers a foot.

Artisits visit us to have those amazing hands cast.

One of our favourite casts to create is a cast of generations, for example a child and his or her great grandparent. The contrast is incredible and moving.

If you have any ideas or would like to discuss what we can do for you please call on 01992 465472

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