Father's Day June 17th 2018

When I see the beautiful bond my little boy has with his Daddy, it warms me.

My brother and I have that same bond with our Dad, we may be a lot bigger than we used to be but a Father's love and care never diminishes.

We are very lucky to have our Dad and Leon is very lucky to have his amazing Daddy too.

What are A Step Back In Time doing for Father's Day?

As you already know, we handmake beautiful gifts and keepsakes. Every item we make is personalised and made just for you.

This Father's Day we have a huge choice of presents for your lovely Dad.

Have a little look at https://www.astepbackintime.co.uk/ to see what we make.

What about one of our gorgeous 'Swirls and Whorls' Fingerprint Dog tags. These beautiful 999 silver tags are handmade using the fingerprint of your choice.

* We take that fingerprint and enlarge it to show off those ridges

* We use that enlarged print to create a fine silver dog tag

* We shine it up and solder on a sterling silver jump ring.

* We pop that handmade dog tag onto a ball chain, gift box and wrap and send to you.

* We send that gorgeous gift to you by Special Delivery and we do that FREE of charge if the address to which it is delivered is within the UK.

How about that for a winderful gift for Dad, all for just £50!

Taking a fingerprint

Taking a print couldn't be easier, you probably have all the equipment you need lying around at home. You will need a drawing pencil, white paper and cellotape.

* Rub a drawing pencil onto a piece of paper so that there is an area of pencil (say 1 inch square)

* Rub the finger of the person who is having their print taken in the pencil

* Take a piece of cellotape and stick to the finger covered in pencil dust and remove gently

* Attach the piece of cellotape to clean white paper and look at all those Swirls and Whorls.

* You can then send that to us or scan over to memoriesmadetokeep@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you and don't forget we are on social media.

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