Spring has sprung!

Spring looks like it might be heading our way...I won't speak too quickly though.

Myself, I love the colder weather, I love the big scarves, big coats, gloves and hot chocolate.

But I do love the colours and the sounds of Spring. The new life that is erupting around us all. The birds are singing like never before and the colours are more vivid.

This weather seems to inspire positivity and fresh ideas and we are no different there.

We thought it was about time we got some new products on the web site, we have been making them for long enough!

As you will have seen from our social media and from our website

we are offering our gorgeous, fine silver charms for just £45. They normally retail at £60 but we wanted to do something special. You can call me on 01992 465472 or visit the page above.

We will also be launching a few other items on the site in the next month or so please keep an eye out for offers.

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