New things heading your way...

A very Happy Easter to you all!

You must wonder where we go sometimes. One minute you will have a lot of information coming your way and then all of a sudden silence for a couple of weeks.

So why the sudden change?

Well, once we get our hands on silver and clay and casting materials and polishing cloths, we don't come away from them very easily.

We love coming up with something new and beautiful, we love making things you will treasure for many years to come and we love creating.

So while we are being quiet we are making all sorts of wonderful things to show you.

We are also now making Indented Fingerprint Jewellery, well, we have always been making Indented Fingerprint Jewellery but now we are putting it on the site so you can just click on it.

We make the process ever-so-simple. You have the option of calling me, Lisa on 01992 465472 or you can email me on MemoriesMadeTo or you can click on-line on and buy.

As soon as we have your order we send you out a putty kit to take the fingerprint of the star of the jewellery.

You send that back to us in the envelope provided and then we begin work, crafting something completely individual for you.

Fingerprint Jewellery silver charm

We send your gorgeous jwewllery back to you by Royal Mail Signed For so it gets to you safely. We even do this Free of charge if the addressee is within the UK.

Our gorgeous charms are going on at a discounted rate of just £45 (RRP £60) for two weeks (ending on April 17th 2018).

We craft these charms from fine silver using the print you send us; be that a child, a gradparent or a precious parent.

Why stop at one charm, why not have a couple as you can buy as many as you want.

I guess the question on a lot of you lips is, 'why choose Lisa at A Step Back In Time' to make my jewellery when I can buy from lots of other people and some are cheaper?'

That is a valid question too.

The answer is simple, I care, I really do, I love hearing people's stories about why they are buying the jewellery. I love the pictures you send me of your loved ones and the feedback I get.

This is my full-time job, I won't be squeezing your special piece of jewellery around anything else.

My jewellery is hand-made and hand-polished which makes it beautifully shiny and chunky and detailed.

I can't wait to make something incredible for you and your beautiful family.

Enjoy your week.


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