The Beast From The East

Well here we are and just as it seemed Spring had sprung, we find ourselves blanketed in snow. There the crocuses were poking their colourful heads above ground when this cold weather arrived.

We laid in bed this morning constantly checking social media for news of the school being open or closed, secretly hoping for a 'snow day'. But a 'snow day' was not to be had today. We placed layer upon of clothing on ourselves and braced ourselves for the journey ahead, but we needn't have worried as the council had gritted the roads and all was well. It was like a fairy had cleared the roads for us all.

Maybe we will get our 'snow day' tomorrow or Friday but for now we feel jolly lucky to have carried out our day, travelled on the roads and have returned home safely.

Stay safe all of you out there over the next few days, don't take chances and stay warm.

I loved these little paw and foot prints in the snow today...Lisa-Marie x

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