Into the year...

Well here we are, it is February...yes, February! January has been and gone and Chritmas is naught but a dim and distant memory.

Long gone are the mince pies and boxes of chocolates, replaced by long-awaited fruit and vegetables.

This is a new year and fresh start for us all, with so much to look forward to.

We have Valentine's Day just around the corner and we are running a special offer on our fabulous couple hand clasp casts. The offer runs from February 5th to the 24th 2018 and sees a 25% reduction in the price from £200 to just £150.

Valentine's Day Hand Clasp Cast at

Anyone booking in will have a wonderful time as the sessions are good fun and three to four weeks later will have a tangible memory of their session with us. It is a fantastic way to celebrate a couple's love for each other and we can't wait to hear all the stories of how people met and their hope for the future.

Not long after Valentine's Day we have Mother's Day, a wonderful chance for us to tell our Mum's just what they mean to us. My Mum is amazing and I hope I tell her enough but it doesn't hurt to treat her to something special, she is my Mum after all.

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and our site as we will be adding lots of lovely goodies this year.

But for now, Happy New Year to you all (albeit it a little late) and we hope to see you all very soon.

Lisa-Marie x

just what they mean to us

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