What is this life casting all about then?

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I haven't been on here to blog for a little while, we have been in the studio creating all sorts of gorgeous things for Mummies, Daddies, Wives, Husbands, Siblings and Friends (to name but a few!).

So what are we going on about when we talk about our Life Casting? Sometimes people call it bodycasting or 3D casting and sometimes just simply babycasting.

Whatever you choose to call it, the result is the same; a gorgeous, completely individual 3 dimensional replication of what was cast.

Mummies and Daddies visit us to cast their baby's gorgeous and tiny little hands and feet to keep as a memory of when they were so little. The visit to our home-studio doesn't have to take too long but you will never feel rushed.

If you pick a nap time or feed time, sometimes they don't notice the casting at all. Their little hands and/or feet just need to be immersed in a special mousse for about two minutes and then leave the rest to us!

You can choose to have your life cast free standing or mounted in a gorgeous frame. We offer lots of little extras, so if you would like a little bracelet on your baby's cast arm, then please ask. If you would like a finish we do not list, please ask. We offer a bespoke service and don't want your finished piece to look anything like anyone else's, this is about you and your journey with your child.

But, it is not just babies that we cast, we carry on casting children as they get older. We like to celebrate friendship and sibling love with clasped hand castings.

We love families and celebrate them with wreaths of hands which can be beautifully displayed on your wall.

We also love romance, we love to celebrate love with our wonderful couple clasped hands.

The list of casting we can do goes on for a while, so just ask, whatever you have in mind, just ask. Humans and pets are welcome here at A Step Back In Time and we really look forward to meeting you.

Have a great day, Lisa-Marie x

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