My kind of superhero!

Morning folks,

Tuesday has come upon us as Monday slipped away into the ether. That was the last Monday before the school holidays begin, which has excited our son no end.

As I was leafing through July's #PetGazette magazine I saw an article that made stop and think.

The article is entitled 'Dogs On The Street' and begins 'Forget men in capes and tights. These real life superheroes give up their time to help dogs, and their families, on the streets of London'.

Michelle Clark runs DOTS London, which stands for Dogs On The Streets, London. Along with their support vet Jade Statt, also known as Street Vet, DOTS get out there on the streets of London making a difference.

This amazing vet wanted to make a difference to homeless people and their dogs and started to go out with another volunteer working with the homeless before being put in touch with Michelle.

Michelle had already been assisting homeless people with dogs by providing food and collars amongst other things. She realised there was a definite need and wanted to get together a group of professionals to assist; a groomer, a trainer and a vet.

These amazing ladies along with their volunteers are really making a difference and they don't just forget about each dog and it's owner once they have visited, each dog is given a dog tag with a unique number and then registered so any other future vets can access the animal's history.

In total there are now Michelle and Jade along with six vets, trainers and groomers. Lots of lovely companies supply food and accessories. They are looking for vets, vet nurses, groomers and trainers so if you can help please do visit:

You can also go on and sponsor a dog or medication, what a worthwhile cause.

Have a wonderful day all x

(ps. this amazing vet works at our local vets and she is amazing!)

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