Remembering Loved Ones

HereYour stories mean so much to us.

We hear happy stories and sad stories doing what we do.

We love getting to make something really special for you, be that of a loved one who is with us or a loved one who is no longer here.

We are getting close to the Isabel Hospice Lights of Love ceremonies being held to celebrate the lives of those we have lost.

Lights of Love for Isabel Hospice

At each of the events there is a tree with lights on, the lights symbolise those we are remembering and celebrating.

There is a Book of Love for you to register to have your loved one's name in and this will be available on the day of the ceremony and then in early January in a local shop.

In Hertfordshire we have two really lovely ceremonies we have been to and those are Ware (Van Hage) and Hertford (Hertford Castle).

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