Love them or hate them, they are here for a bit.

Some children will love the colour and sound while others will shy away.

So for those that love and for those that don't here is a lovely craft idea for the little ones...

This popped up on my social feed this morning, but I can't find the original author. This picture shows you who did this one, I don't want to claim for things that are not my idea.

Simply take a toilet roll tube, cut down from one end to about the middle (or less if you want shorter firework lines) and repeat at about half a centimetre intervals.

Then hey presto, fold the strips outwards and dip in paint!

Should you want shorter lines, you can cut the strips in a more shallow way or cut all the way down and then roll the tube tighter and secure with tape.

Use lots of bright colours and really let them embrace their creativity.

While you are at it, you could do some black hand-prints to use for your hand-print or foot-print jewellery!

But most of all, enjoy!

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