Autumn Changes...

The colours around are sensational at the minute, it is a crisp and beautiful day at the minute and it is making me reflect upon how much beauty surrounds us.

While I sit here looking at the picture of my little man on our visit to the amazing National Trust property; Dunster Castle, I am reminded that my baby is growing up. He is growing up at an astonishing rate! We had a fabulous day out at the castle. We followed the Halloween Trail looking for pumpkins and mythical monsters. We looked around the beautifully kept gardens which are fabulous. Because they are sheltered they can grow some sub-tropical plants there.

We looked around the castle too, and it is amazing in there. The National Trust volunteers are amazing and really know their stuff.

We also visited the village of Dunster which is lovely, there is a fab tearoom (and the name escapes me) but it is almost opposite the rear entrance of Dunster Castle. They serve the best home-made cream teas!

But looking at this picture I can see how much he has grown since last year.

I am very lucky that people told me time would pass fast so make the most of him, because we really have. I am also very lucky that I do the job I do. Not only do I get to make bespoke silver print jewellery and life-cast for other people; I get to do it for my family too. I have some wonderful mementos from my son's seven and a bit years so far and I am so grateful for those. I keep a little bit of him close to me even when he is at school.

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