For all of you dog lovers out there, here is something inspired by our beautiful dog Pansy. Well, her and her little mushroom Pug nose.


We were Veterinary Nurses for many years and spent a lot of time around cats and dogs and around their noses.

Did you know, a dog's nose is as individual as your own fingerprint and in some countries they use a nose print as a means of identification?


We can capture all of the beautiful and individual features of your dog's nose and hand-craft a replica in fine silver.

We present your pet's gorgeous and totally unique nose replica in a sleek window frame box. The nose looks like it is suspended in the air! We even add a gorgeous little silver effect name plate to the box.

Alternatively, you can have your gorgeous nose suspended from a Sterling Silver split ring - eitehr heart shaped or circler. Please let us know which you would prefer using the drop-down menus.


The size of your dog will give you a price when you select it on the drop-down menu. Below are guides as to what we consider Tiny, Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. If you are unsure please call before making your selection;


Tiny Dog - Pomeranian, Chihuahua etc

Small Dog - Pug, JRT, Cavalier King Charles etc

Medium - Cocker Spaniel, Staffordshire Bull Terrier etc

Large - Labrador, Hungarian Viszla, Boxer etc

Extra Large - Great Dane, Leonberger etc


The process is very simple, choose a putty kit from the drop-down menu and we will send you one relevant to your size of animal by post. Please read the instructions carefully and make sure your pet is comfortable at all times.

If you have any questions please call us on 01992 465472.

When you have your nose indentation please post back to us in the envelope provided within 4 weeks of receiving the kit.

Then leave the rest to us so we can create something really beautiful.

Because of the quantity of silver used we do have to have our 'Smooshes' Hallmarked. This will add a further ten days to an order. The cost of the item reflects the additional cost of Hallmarking (as required by law).

When your stunning nose replica is ready we will lovingly wrap it and tie with a bow and ready it for its Special Delivery journey to you. If your delivery address for the piece is within the UK, your delivery is FREE.

Dog Nose in Solid Silver from

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  • Your beautiful new jewellery will need you to be gentle with it. Like all precious metal jewellery, it is subject to wear and tear, clasps can come undone if not treated well. Silver can tarnish so keep a nice silver cloth to hand to shine it. Keep your jewellery away from strong chemicals and perfumes. Use the old way of thinking with your jewellery; 'First off and last on'.