Framed Paw Cast

Framed Paw Cast


We look forward to welcoming you and your furry friend to our Hertfordshire studio.

We know the love you have for your pet, our Pansy Pug was our everything. We have met thousands of dogs in everyday life, in our roles as canine hydrotherapists and as Qualified Veterinary Nurses. We know what your dog means to you and the family.

Here we will capture a moment and make a memory alongside you of your amazing dog.

One option for a gorgeous keepsake of your pet is 3D Life Casting.

If you feel your pet can hold still for a couple of minutes this is one for you.

The process is simple; you book an appointment with us where you don't have to share the studio with anyone else or any other dog. We make a big fuss of your dog and bribe them with treats (unless they have a medical condition which would make this a bad thing). We then ask you to hold your dog's leg whilst we dip the paw into a mousse like substance for a couple of minutes. Then you leave the rest to us.

The price includes that session, the beautiful paw cast finished in your choice of colour, your frame and mount boards in your choice of colours. Your piece will then be ready for you to collect 3-4 weeks later ready to display or hang.

If you think your dog may not be comfortable being held for the cast, you could have paw prints instead, please see our Imprints page

For more information please call 01992 465472 or Email

Prices start at £95 for a single dog paw from a small dog.