Dog Imprints

Dog Imprints


We can't wait to welcome you and your faithful friend to our Hertfordshire studio.

We know how much a dog means to a family. Our Pansy Pug was the most amazing member of our family. 

We have met thosuands of dogs through our everyday lives, through our work as Canine Hydrotherapists and as Qualified Veterinary Nurses.

When you come along for your appointment you won't have to share us or the studio with anyone else or with any other dogs.

We take our time to get the perfect print without distressing your canine companion. We have plenty of home-baled treats on hand to coerce your pet.

The process is very simple; we use exceptionally soft clay to get a highly detailed print. Oce the clay has dried we colour the clay in the colour of your choice. We then frame those paw prints in the frame colour of your choice along with mount boards to compliment the frame and the most important part; those beautiful paw prints.

You can choose to have one print at £65, two prints at £80 or all four feet for £110.

We can extras such as photographs or collar tags so please do ask for details of these extras.