If you have chosen to have a 'Smoosh' then you will need one of our Nose putty kits.

These kits are food-safe so are safe for those little or large noses (they are not edible though).

The kit comes with full insructions including how to ready the putty, how to take the print and how to return it (the return envelope makes that a lot easier).

The important part of taking the print is making sure the cat or dog is comfortable and not distressed in any way. You don't have to press hard to capture a print and it only takes a couple of seconds.

Please follow the instructions carefully and if you are not sure, please contact us on 01992 465472.

Your kit will be sent out to you by First Class post so should arrive within 48 hours of you placing your order. Please return your gorgeous nose impression within 6 weeks of receiving your kit.

Dog and Cat Nose Putty Kit