3 Dimensional Life Casting

At A Step Back In Time we are experts in 3 Dimensional Life Casting; an amazing technique that captures a moment in time in a sublime, true to life replica of whatever is cast. These are not to be confused with imprints, imprints leave a depression in a material such as plaster or clay. Our casts are 3 Dimensional, they look just like the part of the body being cast.

Always popular with proud parents wanting to immortalise tiny hands and feet with casts and also with loving couples celebrating their love with held-hand casts. Our casting technique is not limited to hand and feet though, your imagination and our creativity are all that are needed to create your beautiful 3D cast.

Not just for people, for pets too...

Here at A Step Back In Time our 3 Dimensional Life Casting doesn't stop there. Being a family surrounded by children and pets we love casting furry friends too. We know your loyal companion's paws make stunning talking pieces and are a wonderful gift for those of you that welcome animal friends into your home too. We were both qualified Veterinary Nurses so we know your pets would choose us if they could. 

What will you receive from us and how does it work?

Life Casting sessions are only available at our studio in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire by appointment only and we know that you and your loved ones will thoroughly enjoy the memorable experience that comes with a visit to us.

Each of our beautiful small casts (hands, feet and paws) are presented in a beautiful hand-made, solid wood box frame in your choice of oak hue or colour. These frames really are a true box frame and look amazing from the front and from the side. Each frame is made so you can either hang it or have it free standing. The box frame and your 3 dimensional piece are then complimented by your choice of coloured backing board and mount board so they fit with your décor. Absolutely beautiful.

For further information on our completely safe technique please call us on

01992 465472 or email

Prices start as low as £35 for a lip casting, £80 for a framed dog paw, £90 for a framed single hand or foot of a baby or £120 for a framed two hands or two feet or one of each of a baby.

If you have a cast in mind but cannot find details here, please do call us.