3D Life Casting/Body Casting

(for babies over 12 months, children and grown-ups)

We have been casting here at our Hertfordshire studio for over ten years using our amazing and completely safe technique.

Our beautifully framed baby hand and foot casts are always popular with proud parents wanting to immortalise those tiny hands and wrinkled feet.

But it doesn't have to stop when they reach 12 months, any size hands and feet look amazing framed or freestanding.

Our casting is equally popular with loving couples celebrating their love with clasped hand casts, with athletes and their sport and with gym goers celebrating their physiques.

Our casting technique is not limited to hands and feet though, your imagination and our creativity are all that are needed to create your beautiful 3D cast. So if you have a cast in mind but cannot find details here, please do call us.

Book your appointment on 01992 465472

Our completely safe technique isn't just for babies, children and grown ups. We love pets here too and can't wait to make something beautiful using their paws. For more information see our Pets page where you can find all kinds of keepsakes using your pet's nose and paw prints.

What can I expect on the day and what is included?

You can expect a very relaxed atmosphere and lots of patience when you arrive. We want this to be a memorable experience for you and your family. You won't be rushed and we aren't salespeople.

We mix up a mousse-like mixture to immerse the hand or foot into for a couple of minutes. This amazing material is made from seaweed and has been used by professionals in this industry for countless years and also by medical professionals such as dentists who use it in the mouth, It is a lovely safe product to use on skin.

As to what is included...everything. There are no surprises. The cost of the casting includes the session, the casts finished in your choice of colour, the frame if you are having your casts framed or a baize if freestanding. You can choose extras such as engraved name plates or plinths or you can add a photograph.  Whatever you choose, your casts will be ready for collection 4-5 weeks after your session, ready to display and show-off.


We will send you details by email when you make your appointment with a little more information for you. You can always give us a call or email if you have any further questions.