Baby Imprints and Outprints

Many congratulations on the birth of your baby, we know this is a very exciting time for you and all the family. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Hertfordshire studio to capture a magical moment in time you can really treasure.

We are so pleased you have chosen us to handcraft you a special memory of the amazing journey you are now on. 

We pride ourselves on our safe and bespoke service and look forward to meeting you and baby.

Should you want something not listed, please do ask as we love new ideas. 

Prices are based on babies up to one year of age and include the appointment, your beautiful imprints or outprints, your frame and mounts. Your gorgeous keepsakes will be ready to hang or display when you collect them.

Should your little one be a little older than 12 months then head over to our Life Casting page for more details. 

What is an imprint?

An imprint is the dent left behind when we press your baby's little hand or foot into our exceptionally soft clay. We dry this and finish it in your choice of colour and then frame it in one of our beautiful frames. We have a choice of white, black, silver, chocolate, oak or natural. You can also choose your mount colours to match your home decor. 

What is an ouprint?

An outprint is the reverse of the dent your baby's hand or foot leaves in our soft clay. We fill the moulds with a casting plaster to create a plate of your baby's hand and/or foot that sticks out. You can choose what colour we finish the piece in (once it is dry). You can also choose the colour of the frame and mount boards so that the finished piece matches your home decor.