How to take a perfect print...

From a person...


Taking a hand print is fun. You can either buy an Inkless Wipe kit here or you can take one using child-safe black paint and a sheet of white paper.

Simply smother the hand with black paint and blot a couple of times on spare paper, then firmly push the hand onto the paper making sure not to smudge the print. Then pull the hand up and away from the paper without dragging it. The ideal print shows detail and isn't a solid block of black. Wait for it to dry and then either post it to us or scan and email a copy to


Taking a foot print is essentially the same as taking a hand print. You can buy an Inkless Wipe kit here or you can get the child-safe paint out and have a bit of fun. Cover the sole of the foot in black paint and blot on some spare paper then place the foot on the white paper without smudging and then remove without smudging. Wait for the print to dry and then post to us or scan and email to us at


The print you take depends on the way you would like your finished piece to look.

If you would like an indentation in the shape of the finger then you would need to buy a Putty Kit here which comes with full instructions. If you love the ridges of the Swirls and Whorls then you can take a print at home. Simply take a pencil and colour in a small patch on some white paper. Then rub the finger over the patch you have coloured and then place a piece of cellotape over your finger an carefully lift away the tape and stick it to a piece of white paper. You can then either send that to us by post or scan and email over to


Take a piece of white paper, use a lovely bold lipstick and cover your lips. Kiss the piece of paper without smudging. When you have a print you are happy with simply post it to us or scan and email over to

From a furry friend...

If you can find a space and put down newspaper to avoid mess then that is the best thing. If you can have a bowl of water to clean the paw up with later then that is ideal. Clip away any excess fur that would prevent the pads from showing being very careful not to injure your pet (if in doubt get a professional to help). Cover the underside of the paw with child-safe black paint or dark mud and blot away a couple of times on scrap paper then hold the paw and place on the white paper, apply gentle pressure without smudging and then remove the paw from the paper without smudging. You can send this to us once dry or scan and email to us at

But of course, if you are experiencing any problems or a want a little advice we are always happy to help, just call us on 01992 465472