Life Casting Gallery

Below is just a tiny fraction of the work we do. 

For babies please see our Baby Casting page and for all other casts, please see our Life Casting page.

Baby Hand and Foot
Baby Hand
Gold Life Casts of Hand Clasp
Baby Hand and Foot Cast
Two Adult and Two Children Hand Cast (Freestanding)
Lip Cast
Baby Hands and Feet Cast and Framed
3D dog nose in Cold Cast Bronze
Silver baby hand casts
Framed Baby Feet
White baby feet casts
Gold Clasped Hands Life Cast
Framed Baby Hands
Baby Hand Casts
3D Baby hands and feet framed
Mother and Son hand clasp cast
Baby hand and foot cast in silver frame
3D baby cast hand
Framed 3D baby casts of hand and foot
3D cast of baby hand in gold
3D sibling hand clasp
3D hand cast
3D Baby Hand Cast
3D baby casts (feet)
3D baby hands
Love frame with 3D baby feet
3D cast dog paw
3D baby feet in gold
Valentine Hand Clasp Cast
Love frame with 3D silver baby feet
Sibling hand clasp cast
3D dog paw cast
3D baby hands cast
3D cast of dog paw
Valentine Hand Clasp Cast
Thumbs Up Life Cast