We thought we should address the elephant in the room and talk about Covid-19 and it's effects on A Step Back In Time.

We did inevitably have to close our doors to our wonderful customers during lock-down. It was a tough time for everyone and our hearts go out to all those that have lost someone as a direct or indirect result of the pandemic.

We also took a lot of time to think about those who's businesses had to close their doors forever, for those whose bills accrued and to all who struggled and are still struggling.

We were fortunate enough to be able to open our doors once again and embrace what we love doing; our life casting and handmaking our silver print jewellery.

We have had to make some changes not only to comply but for your and our peace of mind.

Our silver print jewellery has been relatively unchanged.

We have always washed our hands before touching any work that we create so that hasn't needed to change. We do the final polish of your jewellery very carefully so as not to touch the piece.

Then we have our casting where we have had to make the majority of the changes.

We had been casting in our house for a while previous to lock-down. We had the studio but hadn't been using it. We have now re-embraced our beautiful working space. It has been updated and refurbished and we adore it.

We have also had to change our schedules. We only cast one family per day now. That means we can thoroughly (and I mean obsessively) clean the studio ready for the next day.

We have hand sanitizer right next to us so if we have to touch anything other than what has already been cleaned then we can apply some.

All equipment is very thoroughly washed as are aprons and towels to ensure cleanliness.

We do wear a mask when casting, please do not be offended by this, it is for us all that we do it. We ask that you please bring along your mask too. We also ask for no more than two adults per child to attend (unless you are having a large family casting).

When you arrive for an appointment we will ask you to call or text and we will come and meet you to take you through to the studio. When collecting your finished casts we do the same or can bring them out to your car for you.

We are still accepting cash but you can also pay by bank transfer if that is easier for you.

We know you understand why we have made some of the changes we have, but we have had so much positive feedback since re-opening. We can't wait to welcome you so we can make you something beautiful and full of meaning.