"My family means everything to me, so

getting to  handcraft something so personal  for you, of your family, is an honour indeed"

- Lisa-Marie Mills

A Step Back In Time came about when our little boy was just a baby. We had been told to cherish every minute of him, and we have listened to that very sound advice ever since.

   It struck us that we wanted to have something to remind us of certain times of his development and have something when he wasn't right next to us. This along with the realisation that our beautiful Pug was getting older, led us to create beautiful keepsakes and not just for us, for other parents (of children and fur babies) too.

Our pre-child days were occupied with our Veterinary Nursing careers; in practice and assessing. It taught us so much, not just the obvious biology and behaviour of a companion animal, but patience, empathy and compassion beyond the normal. It is also where we met each other and started our journey as a family. This experience has left us very well equipped to work with adults, children and pets. Our work is such a joy and we love hearing people's stories and sharing in that special moment with them. That point when we can give them a snapshot of a glorious moment in time.

   We haven't looked back since making that first piece of jewellery and casting that first tiny foot and we have been creating pieces of bespoke print jewellery and Life-Casting ever since. 

We can't wait to make something very unique and very special for you too.